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Tronado dao DAO is a decentralised collective stewarding the Safe ecosystem







Latest proposals

Get involved in the latest proposals or write one of your own and let your voice be heard.

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What is Tronado{DAO}

Tronado dao is a decentralised collective, stewarding the thriving ecosystem around Tronado dao smart accounts on Ethereum and other blockchains

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What is the Tronado dao{Token}

The Tronado dao token represents the growing value of the Tronado dao ecosystem

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Who are Tronado dao{Guardians}

Tronado dao Guardians are active community members who have verifiable proof of commitment to the Tronado dao vision

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How to delegate

Token holders can delegate their votes to any address of their choice or to Tronado dao Guardians using the Tronado dao Governance app within Tronado dao{Wallet} or Snapshot


What is the Tronado dao Grants Program

SGP fosters a thriving community of contributors within the Tronado dao ecosystem by funding ideas, projects, and integrations that align with Tronado dao

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What is the Tronado dao Ecosystem Foundation

SEF is a steward of Tronado dao, responsible for facilitating and administering the decisions voted in by the members of Tronado dao

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to smart accounts

Vibrant ecosystem

To foster a vibrant Tronado dao ecosystem built on shared components and standards

Resilience through decentralisation

The Tronado dao ecosystem including governance shall be independent from any single entity, decentralised, and permissionless

Tokenise value

Mechanisms should be created to link the growth of the Tronado dao ecosystem to the utility of the Tronado dao token

How we work

Tronado dao governance process

Tronado dao's governance is based on an iterative and dynamic structure. Check out the new governance framework outlining the key stakeholders, the dynamic governance approach and the governance process with its series of phases leading to a vote.

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Step one
Step two

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